Friday, 16 February 2018


Hello friends!!! Welcome to Febuary's blog challenge! We have a fun challenge for you this month. But Before we jump into all that, we need to announce the winner for January's Template challenge!!! You can take a peek at all the gorgeous entries HERE.

The lucky winner for this month is Bianka!!!

Congratulations timbenmami aka Bianka!!! You have a notification on your TLP account.
All other participants will received their 25% discount coupons via their Lilypad accounts in the next 24 hours. Please make sure you check your messages everyone and if your coupon didn't come through send an e-mail to pinkreptiledesigns at gmail dot com!

Here's Bianka's gorgeous page:

I don't know about you but after participating in The Lilypad's Month of Challenges, I need a relaxing & calming challenge after completing all 31 challenges in 31 days! So ... I thought it would be fun to just sit back and be virtual artists this month. Let's have fun splashing paints on our pages ... but of course without the mess and clean up of working with real paints. Your challenge this month is to use 10 digital paints on your pages. You can take the same paint and stretch it, layer it, recolor it, resize it, flip and twirl it, erase parts of it (you get the idea) .... or you can use a variety of different paints on your page. Gesso, splatters, watercolor, thick acrylic paints, glittery paints ... any and all paints are acceptable! If you are an artsy scrapper you can fill the page up with lots of colorful bold paint. If you are a clean & simple scrapper you can use shades of the same color and make the paints really tiny so you still have lots of white space. It's your page, so be creative and make those digital paints work for you!

Here are some ideas for how I used at least 10 layers of digital paints on a soft subtle page, a bold vibrant artsy page, and a clean white spaced layout. You can find more details about these pages in the latest of our series Three Way | Paint Your Mood.

So to recap: create a layout with at least 10 digital paints! That's it ... have fun and we can not wait to see your beautiful creations!

Here are some gorgeous CT pages to further inspire you:

by diane

by rikki

by stefanie

by kate

by gaëlle

Make sure you use at least 75% of Pink Reptile Design products on your page. Once completed, just upload your page to one or all of your galleries and post a link to your layout in the comments section of this post before the next challenge goes live on March 15th.

ONE favorite page will be chosen as the winner to receive a 10 dollar coupon to the PRD store, but really everyone is a winner, as all other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to the Pink Reptile Designs TLP store. So all the more reason to join in on the fun, right?!

Wishing you tons of fun and Happy Scrappin'!

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Hello Scrapping Friends! Did you all survive The Lilypad's MOC? For the first time in a few years, I was able to complete all 31 challenges in 31 days (with more than half of those challenges completed in the last week!). Eeep! It's a great feeling, but after I finished I felt like I needed to do some relaxing scrapping after that marathon. So for this episode of our Three Way series, where we show you ways to stretch and creatively use you stash, I wanted to chill and play with digital paint. I came up with three different ways to layer a ton of digital paints on my pages ... all with different looks that match and compliment the mood of my layout.

My first page (made with Mirjam's newest template release Love You Beary Much) has more than 10 layers of digital paints - mostly soft watercolors and splatters. But keeping the paints light, airy and in soft pastels you can barely notice that I have more than 10 layers of paint on this page. The soft paint matches the soft photo processing and the quiet mood of the photo.

My second page (also made with Mirjam's newest template release Love You Beary Much) has more than 20 layers of digital paints - and this layout is full of bold & vibrant color! I duplicated paint layers and I also changed the blend modes to multiply, color burn and linear burn for some of them, to intensify the color. I love how messy and artsy the background feels with so much paint splattered around. I think it matches the bold colors of the photos too.

My third page is a clean white space page - but the small painted area adds a beautiful pop of color without taking over the whole page. I grabbed all the paint layers from the previous page - took a few of the duplicates out and then merged them all into one layer to make a custom painted transfer. I then sized it down really small. To balance all that color - I clipped the painted transfer to my title for a fun playful look.

No matter what the mood of your layout is: soft and understated, bold and artsy, or clean and playful adding digital paint in subtle or bold ways can really compliment the whole mood of your page.
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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Hello everyone! Happy February! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by - between MOC, school, sports, work and so much more, the days are speeding by! So, now that MOC is over, it's time to scrap! :teehee: At a more leisurely pace though!

Today, I'm going to show you a simple filter in Photoshop that can bring a colored pencil feel to your pages. It is muted, but I love the effect it creates on papers! I'm using the papers from Mirjam's newest BYOC release, Love You Beary Much! Most adorable!

Here is the starting paper pattern:

Next, choose Filter > Filter Gallery from the Menus.

Once your Filters Gallery pops up, your paper might look funny, like mine. Or it might just look the same. But, don't panie, this is normal. Sometimes, it's on the last setting you used, or a default setting. Just look on the right for the Artistic Filters and then Colored Pencil.

Once you have that chosen, play with the sliders on the right. I have 10 for my pencil width, 15 for the stroke pressure and 49 for the paper brightness.

Here is what my paper looks like. I know... it looks super blurry. We are going to try to fix that up and create clear lines and strokes.

Now, you will choose Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen.

A menu will pop up. Again, move the sliders left and right and choose what works best for your paper (or photo). I have the settings at: Amount 234%, Radius 3.4px, Reduce Noise at 88%, and Remove selected to Gaussian Blur.

Once, I click ok, it runs for a second, and then my paper is a bit more clear! You can see strokes from the colored pencil filter.

here is another paper, leaves:

And, one last one, stripes.

I created this layout, and used this effect on my striped background!

There you go, a fun filter! Hoping you give it a try!
Thanks for visiting!
Jenn | jk703

Friday, 2 February 2018


It's hard to believe January is over! I played along in the Month Of Challenges and had an AMAZING time with nearly 400 other scrappers!!

My cup of creativity is still running over, having been challenged to scrap outside the box and gently pushed to look at a project from different angles. That, the fun, happy, vibrant color palette and the great vibe of camaraderie and shared love for this fantastic hobby is what inspired me for the February BYOC.

It will probably not come as a surprise to you that I made another 4 products instead of the regular 3.

They are perfect for scrapping pages about everyone and everything you LOVE!
The individual packs are 20% off through February 4 but of course there's special offers for newsletter subscribers!!! Not a subscriber yet? Click HERE to join the gang!


page by barbara
page by christapage by rikki
page by keela
A timeless set of 58 unique elements in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles [72!!!! in total]. The perfect set to scrap about anyone or anything you love!

A great set of 10 go to patterned papers, 10 alternate color combinations PLUS 10 beautifully textured matching solids. Which makes this a fantastic pack of 30 papers in total!!


page by ellen

A timelss lower case alpha with numbers and punctuation that comes in 9 easy to use and re-use colors aswell as a wooden version! Perfect for eye catching titles and cute as tiny monograms.

page by gaëlle
page by susannepage by cynthia
page by stefanie
page by carrie


Rejoice in the little things, give in to whatever tugs at your heart...and off you go!
Let these 4 amazing 8,5 by 11 inch templates help you capture whatever your heart desires!

page by diane

page by karen

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!